Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

♥~~Dead Celeb Match~~♥

Well I put in my interests and such, and was returned by this; 

I of course went with Teh Sheikz (I know who you are; Rudolph XD).

My most humbling moment...
Being called effeminate by a cowardly anonymous journalist in a Chicago newspaper. Porca miseria! I will show him manly! He should box with me and feel my manliness strike him across the face!

My greatest accomplishment...
From nothing-- no fame, no money, no family in America when I moved to New York City at 18, no job-- I became the most famous sex symbol the movies had ever seen. And I did it without saying a word!

My ideal date would include...
Only the best and most romantic activities. I love to dance, so for me a date would not be perfect unless we were first able to join together and move as one with the music of passion. I would then enjoy reading to you some of my poetry while we listen to my recordings of romantic songs in English and Spanish.

The celebrity I resemble most...
He doesn't look like me, not so much, but I was the Brad Pitt of my day. I should have made "Troy!" It would have been much more believable.

If I could be anywhere at the moment...
In my house, with a devoted wife, beautiful children, and my adoring dogs. To the public, I am perhaps a bit of a rascal, but all I really crave is domestic bliss.

The book on my bedside table...
I find most books to be dull and lacking insight, which is why I write my own poems. In fact, I have published a book of poetry, "Day Dreams," which was a best seller. I like to read from it from time to time and think about romance... romance with you!

The things I can't live without...
Your love! Your adoration! The beauty of one such as you bringing light to my life every day! Also, exclamation points and forceful hand gestures.

Fill in the blanks.
A woman at rest is sexy...
a woman in motion is sexier.

In my home you will find...
My beautiful dogs, an Irish Wolfhound named Centaur Pendragon, and a Doberman Pinscher named Kabar.


Rudolph Valentino responds...
"Ah, cara mia! Your very words make me al dente with desire! I would be honored and delighted to escort you to dinner, and perhaps afterwards, if you will permit me, I can teach you how to dance the sensual Argentine tango Valentino-style. (Do not worry, we will leave our clothes on for at least the first lesson.)"

What your date might be like...
If you've ever thought that European men were sexy then you'll love going on a date with Mr. Valentino. He's passionate, at ease with himself and all women, confident, and a superb dancer-- and he has an Italian accent! Mr. Valentino can be a little hot-headed at times and might deal with a perceived offense from a stranger by challenging the man to a boxing match or other physical test--but you can easily distract him from such displays of machismo by simply asking him for an impromptu dance lesson.

Well you and I do have some stuff in common...but I HOPEFULLY won't die of it, unlike you ;-; I wish people would have liked your voice more, and then you could have been in 'talkies' ^^;

Ah Valentino.


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