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[icon] "...I see a tail..." - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Subject:"...I see a tail..."
Time:05:13 pm
Current Mood:crankyheadache

As you can tell by that poor quality webcam picture, is that yes I do infact have Guild Wars; Nightfall on preorder :D This here is the bonus-stuffies-disk.

However I plan on buying the regular version to play untill Christmas.

I took other pictures but to take the time and post them all would take away precious fanfic reading time (*snerk*).

Anyway I have been on something similar to quarantine since Thursday. Dr. Yafai told me I had better refrain from going to school/going out side, until my cold/fever cleared up some.

Well my fever did go down quite a bit yesterday, so I hope to be able to attend schoolz on Tuesday.

Why Tuesday? Because as my Canadian f-listings folk may know (to my knowledge only koo^^;) Monday is Thanksgiving :D And what does this Thanksgiving mean for me in the way of lovely food items?


Yes ham. -Not turkey-. Since this year like everyone in my house is like sick. And we don't feel like brineing/cooking a *gobble-gobble*. Atleast I get yummy pineapple sauce :D


I bought;

 *lmao* My favourite is the "Pumpkin Orange Mélange", due to it's witty author comment.

I also bought some Halloween decoration items.

I spent most of yesterday painting these little wooden fladermauses I bought, and this door hanger thing.



Just 'Daus Fladermaus' for now, as I want to take a good/more better picture of the door-thing.

Yes I have no idea why I figured they should have yellow grins...


Need go back in a few and tape "Fur & Loathing", aswell as chop-up/freeze tomatoes.

So I'm off to finish "Intense Orange", listen to JPOP then go head back to do my worst fear to fruit/vegetables.


Oh I forgot to mention the frost we had Friday/Saturday wiped-out most of my garden, including what was covered with tarp.

I'll mention here that I like zinnias better than roses atm. I'd like to do some Zinnian with zinnia art someday.


Well It is now 6:07PM and I have missed the begining of said CSI, so I'm not bothering >_< next time maybe. I will still be taping the other 2 Halloween themed episodes. I don't know why I even wanted to tape it ^^♪
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Time:2006-10-16 12:49 am (UTC)
The flowers are pretty. Too bad the frost got them.

Our family tends to rotate between turkey and ham for Thanksgiving, partly because I don't particularly care for turkey. Ham with brown sugar and pineapples is very tasty. ^^

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!
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Time:2006-10-18 02:02 pm (UTC)
Yes, but I did manage to get some more seeds, so I hope to have a garden again next year (even if I move, since zinnia don't grow well inside). We had to hook the tractor onto the sunflowers in order to pull the stalks out of the ground. They grew really deep/thick this year.

Ham is yummy, we have ours with pineapple sauce (brown sugar, pineapple juice, crushed pineapple, and corn starch). We are going to have the turkey we had bought on the 29th. I only like turkey with cranberry sauce and salt, and gravy if it turns out decent (we switch who makes it, and if I, or June make it, it is find, but Wendy has a tendancy to make bland lumpy/mushy "gravy")

Thanks! I did :D
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[icon] "...I see a tail..." - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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