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GW Screens #01

Ok I had to uplaod these via this was caused because apparently my scrapbook is now blocked by the school server >_<

Due to this I will be posting the screenshots in batchs, instead of all at once. So if you want/even care I am making a GW screens tag. Thank-you.

title screen
This is the pretty log-in screen for NightFall. I love the whole sunset and waterfall/ocean background animation/scenes.

character select
T3h preview character select screen. I chose a Mesmer the first time, and a Derwish the second ^_^ I loved playing Dalias (male Derwish)! That is the main reason I plan on getting Nightfall for christmas instead of one of the other Guild Wars titles ^^;

So this may not be funny to some people, but I found it hilarious at the time I did it -__-; so yeah, there is this rug-seller/merchant-type-guy in one of the cities, and his rugs seriously remind me of those old school spritey games ^^; (they were even worst zoomed in...)


Dalias contempates said carpets.

Dalias' reponse. I forgot to sshot the 4th part, which is just *shuge* "^^;"

Sarah Cook the Mesmer I was playing for Saturday.

deaded corsair
Koss (a.k.a. Afro-Man!) & Sarah pwned a Corsair.

Chisa-Chisa & meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Koss, Chisa, & Sarah at the area we couldn't get past...

2nd spear
See that SunSpear guy there? He wouldn't let us past...later I found out I didn't learn all of the skills I was soppossed to in that area...

captued Corsair
Okay there was this captured re-spawning Corsair that this Expert-Mesmer, and Expert Necromancer were letting n00bs do target practice on ;-;

I hit said Corsair with a Conjure Phantasm (not Conjure Orgasm, sadley)
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