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Well I didn't feel very good Friday, and thus called it a early night.

I got out of bed because I had forgotten my bottle of water (I need to take a drink to bed). I start to walk around and go out the door legs give out from under me and I fall. Luckily my bed was right there so I didn't get hurt, but I decided to get my water and go straight to bed/sleep.

The next day I had Driver's Education, so even though I didn't feel completely better I went and learned skillz.

Came back and decided to read some more "For Your Eyes Only" and nap. Well I woke up at 12am got up used the washroom, got a drink and went back to bed. I don't think I even dreamed, I just remember blackness.

So yesterday I went to the Middleton craft show ^_^ spent like $40 and got a crap load of stuff. I got 2 more bottles of "Made With Love" spices ^_^ Prema Vera, and Garlic-Pesto (the prema vera doesn't look much like the bottle I bought the year before last...).

And I bought a Fledermaus :D it was a dollar and is is made out of felt, pipe-cleaners, pom-poms & googly-eyes! It is cute :3

Anyway we got home and I didn't feel so hot. I went and had a nap, and when I woke-up I felt hot. I take my temperature and it was 103.4oC

I didn't want to call my mom and go to outpatients, so I decided to drink fluids and watch tv. To my very happy surprise, "Star Trek" was on :D The old school one, was showing on Fox-Rochester. So I shall be watching it next Sunday aswell :D

I made some Mr.Noodles (with a spoon-full of garlic-pesto spice, extra water & some OXO chicken bouillon), ate and bathed. I need a kerchief for my hair >_< I put a extra comforter on my bed, and watched CSI; Miami (which btw has it's 100th episode tonight!). Then I feel asleep and had anouther black-out sleep.

I love monday's for watching tv ^__^

The Class, CSI; Miami, & Heros :3 Though mondays need Highlander, Law & Order (old reruns with Jerry Orbach), Cybersix and TNG to be any better.

The link to the "For Your Eyes Only" cover is actually to same edition/year of the copy I own/am reading ;3

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