Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
lady_noremon goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Killua.
__asphyxophilia gives you 10 mauve evil-flavoured nuggets.
_ruder gives you 14 light yellow licorice-flavoured nuggets.
alchemy_hisoka tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
fox_avenger gives you 2 brown banana-flavoured jawbreakers.
gargantsurprise tricks you! You get a wet rag.
just_picture_me tricks you! You lose 5 pieces of candy!
krogoth5 tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
sakurabubbles gives you 4 pink passionfruit-flavoured jawbreakers.
shingouki gives you 15 mottled green passionfruit-flavoured jawbreakers.
telophase gives you 3 white licorice-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
lady_noremon ends up with 43 pieces of candy, a 3.5-inch floppy disc, a wet rag, and a broken balloon.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Well krogoth5 is getting said balloon pinged back at him.
gargantsurprise is getting the wet rag thrown at her.
And I am going to copy porn onto alchemy_hisokas disk ^^;

The Potion Maker
Lady_Noremonium is a cloudy, crumbly maroon solid drawn from the flesh of a honeysuckle.
Mix with Lady_Noremon! Username:
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

My LiveJournal 12 Days
My True Love gave to me...
12 luckilyottos a-squatting.
11 shingoukis a-chuckling.
10 tashi_chans a-glaring.
9 _ryo_jin_s a-yelling.
8 krogoth5s a-staring.
7 koos a-hooting.
6 gargantsurprises a-typing.
5 yellow telophases.
4 flaming alchemy_hisokas.
3 American just_picture_mes.
2 cat koujikouichis.
And a fox_avenger in a banana tree.
Get gifts! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

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