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Guild Wars =O

ZOMG! I had so much fun this weekend playing the preview of Nightfall!

I do believe I shall be getting it when it comes out.

The collectors edition if I can ^__^

I had more fun when I played "Dalias Gulwin" a male Derwish. I would want Nightfall instead of just getting the $40 "Guild Wars" game just for the Derwish.

^____^ Strong, fast healing, can use magic but do better in the fray. Pretty much my kind of character.

I love playing with Chisa as-well.

I kinda wish I could be at home and play for the like last hour of the preview ^^; but sadly even though I have a free just before lunch I can not ;-;

I played a Mesmer my first day...I can't play mage/ranger characters very well. She lost life really easily as-well. But Derwish ♥ is like "Even though I am wearing a robe I am almost a tank! ^_^" So yeah I like the shiny scythe very much so :D

I will be posting some screenshots I took next time I am on my own comp! I like that you jsut have to press "Alt+PrntScrn" to take a screenshot, instead of pressing it, and then having to paste it into MSPaint or something then saving. GWs saves it automatically.

2 More episodes of REC remaining! Then I have the first & most of the 2nd Vols to read :D

If I were Aka I would totally go after Matsumaru. Like *gah* come on he is VERY interested...and you are to, why deny it? Frick'n "The Children's Hour" analogy. That's al I have to say. Except that I WANT A NEKOKI PLUSH!!!!


Anyway I'm off to read more on "Jihaku" bye Gackt-o and then maybe watch the last of REC, unless they start to get-it-on again then I'll wait till I get home (if I can call it home).

I managed to open WinMedia Player by a kinda round-a-bout route, and install DivX so I can watch ANIME :D Might start watching Saint Beast as-well, I happen to have it on my school account :D

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