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Well today I found out "I murdered, a ninja, because I'm sexy and I do what I want". Matthew (not Mattypoo/Krogoth5) showed me this paper thing where you select the thing things on a list that correspond to your; Birth Month, Birth Day, and shirt colour.


Anyway almost had a disaster. ^^; I found one of my old clip on earrings, and decided "Hey I'll wear it on my helix!" Well I couldn't remember which side is the straight side, so I clipped it on my right...the straight side is left o_o; Had it clipped on for like all of my frees at it's on the left side.

Oh and Trev got t3h parcel :D

I'm taking Drivers Education/Discover Driving. I started last Saturday (missing some of Ciderfest2006).

I spent $11 freak'n dollars on brunch >_< $6-something for waffles, and then a glass of milk and some tea. The waffles weren't even as good as they looked/I thought they would be. Very bland.

Anyway I have the next session the Saturday after next.

I could be all 'WTF?' about Matt being 'MIA' but I wont for a change.

Gah I need stomach pills!!!! No Nexium left, and Blue Cross is being all you can have this. So on Thursday I'm going to ask Dr.Yafai for something different. And for more Mobocox. Ah sweet Mobocox...It's a painkiller for my jaw, which doesn;t connect and thus hurts every once and awhile. So I take a Mobocox like once every month or so and it doesn't hurt. It seems to have helped my weird feeling teeth aswell :D

Started watching like all of the old Black & white movies we own :D "Arsenic and Old Lace" one of my fav movies ever was a charm to watch again today ^_^ and "Roman Holiday" like almost made me cry...actually I had to snuff back the tears. I won't spoil it but it had a not fair ending. I HAD planned on watching "The Bells of Saint Mary's" a very good but sad movie. Infact I often use it as a bad/dark jokes when my mom says "I want to go to Arizona." I say "Are you a nun with tuberculous? Or ether one of them?"

Oh speakign of 'Arizona' The drink company now makes one of my recent addictions. Green. Tea. Ice. Tea. Without that icky after taste I find with the other brands of it. But why call themselves Arizona-A American Compant, when they are located in New York. Arizona does not equal in NY.... ^^;

Where has Timber-Man-Chan been these last weeks? I really do miss that crazy pirate chick ^^ *bah*

Oh and I think I may be getting sick... I have felt right light headed. Woke up Wednesday and took my temp. It was 95.02oF...Yes I still think/use Imperial...our driving class got called slow for not using Metric; "The Metric system came into effect for Canada in 1979, it is 2006 now smarten-up!" I have no problem using metres, kilometres, and all that in say Maths, and Science courses, but in everyday stuff I keep using Yards, Feet, Inches....I've managed to switch with Litres from Pints, but I still have to keep correcting myself! -____-;
Anyway even though I haven't posted for awhile, I forgot most of what I was going to type so g'night everybody :)

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