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[icon] o_o; horoscope - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Subject:o_o; horoscope
Time:04:01 pm
Current Mood:crappycrappy
Well I decided to read my horoscope and stuff over at MSN since FanFiction.net is being a loading/overworked wank.

Let me just say that I hope it isn't very right. It doesn't look very good...but I did find out Bono and me are "Call the Firehouse!!" o_o; I want Bon Jovi instead. Or Gackt if possible if I'm going to be compatiable with a celebrity. However I prefer my current obsession love interest. Hot, cute, and with a wonderful sense of humor and head on his shoulders. But still hundreds of miles apart.

Oh and any tarot savy ppl here; could you please sorta decode this reading for me? Is that The Tower, and Death there? o_o

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Time:2006-09-05 11:51 pm (UTC)
Despite the fact - perhaps because of the fact - that I think the Tarot is an interesting deck of cards but there is no meanign other than what we assign to it, I used to be fairly decent at reading them. Havne't done so in a decade, but here we go:

Present Situation: La Force (Strangth or Fortitude)

Internal struggle, discipline, control. Be wary of temptations of the flesh. Alternate solutions to problems.

Obstacles, Blocks: L'Empereur (The Emperor)

Desire to rule over one's surroundings. A sign to accept that some things may not be controllable.

Synthesis: Le Pape (The Hierophant)

Religion and orthodox theology, or traditional education or conventional moral standards.

Near Future: L'Arcane sans nom (La Mort) (Death)

Ending of a cycle, transition into a new state.

Future energies: La Maison Dieu (The Tower)

Chaos, crisis, revelation. Explosive transformation.

So if I were putting together a story out of this, it would be that currently you are in a state of stasis, of routine and tradition. Soon you will undergo some sort of transition and you will feel out of control. The Emperor is reminding you that this is natural, even though you're feeling ambivalent about the process.

Considering that you're 18, this is exactly what should be happening at your time of life, which is the start of the transition into adulthood. :D Nothing to worry about, in fact you shyould keep in mind that chaos is normal and often the prelude to new thoughts, opportunities, and experiences. :)

The Death card usually refers to metaphorical death - transitions from one state to another. The Tower refers to chaos and events spinning out of control, or fear of not being in control. Both of those are fairly normalnaprts of life.
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Time:2006-09-16 09:41 pm (UTC)
Digging out lavaliere's Yami no Bakura tarot reading icon just for this comment.

Truth be told, most of what I know about tarot comes from the research I did when I made my Hunter x Hunter tarot icons. As such, I'm only familiar with the general meanings of the major arcana and am not familiar with the different tarot layouts. [All of the websites and books I used are listed in the resources section near the end of the post.]

The card listed under Present is Strength, which represents not only physical strength, but also spiritual and mental convictions. In the positive sign, it's usually associated with overcoming obstacles.

The Hierophant is listed under Synthesis. It is symbolic of accepted authority and society.

The Emperor - who represents power and ambition - appears under Obstacles.

In the Near Future is Death. However, Death very rarely represents an actual physical death. Rather, Death is symbolic of change, the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another.

Finally, in the Future is The Tower, which represents chaos, destruction, and loss.

I'm not certain what Synthesis means in this situation, but I'll try to put all the cards together in a semi-coherent reading.

In your present situation, you confidence is being tried, either in the form of an authority figure or by your own ambition. An event will occur soon that will change you internally and bring hope for a new beginning, but the reality is that you will have to go through a period of chaos before you are able to stabilize yourself again.

Not a very optimistic reading, but such is life; you have to take the downs along with the ups.
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[icon] o_o; horoscope - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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