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Hello hello! :) Happy Labour Day y'all. Ah Today was nice CSI Marathon and all. Though I did switch to watching CSI Miami after like the first two episodes. Only to check back and find that I missed one of my favourite episodes. The one you know where the girl gets kidnapped and they find her because she leaves a trail of wads of gum. Ah I can barely wait for the new season of ether. I don't care much for CSI New York, but whatever floats your boat. I used to watch Law & Order but stopped once Jerry Orbach died of cancer. That man was one of my favorite old celebrities. Him and Lloyd Robertson. I used to wonder whole would kick the bucket first. Anyway I still occasionally watch L&O SUV but only on a whim. I don't like the old guy they put on L&O, the mustache guy, so I avoid it.

The season finalé of CSI make me fangirl a bit. I won't give spoilers for those who missed it/don't really care but, let's just say I'm secretly wondering how far Grisom and Sarah got. *lmao*

Anyway I WAS going to go for blood work tomaro, but June just called and told me they weren't going to bother, since Kenny was going somewhere. So no hurry to bathe and wash my hair. Wednesday I do have to get a haircut. I'm getting it just long enough I can have a pony tail.

Then on Thursday *dun dun dun* School. I'm not dreading it much since I'll have like 2 Frees a day for the first semester, and thus if I have one at the end of the day I'll be coming home early. In the morning then I'll sleep in. Back to back, and then I'll go home for awhile. I am excited about Film :D

We had to take down my tent yesterday. Too many Earwigs. I fucking hate those little buggers. So before I even consider setting the tent up again I'm going to invest in a 7.50$ (plus tax) container of earwig repellent.

The organic stuff that says that it is safe for use around pets, property, wild life, and children. Because we all know Sarah dislikes poisoning small children...especially on her own property. Makes it harder to hide the body. (and avoid suspicion)

Just kidding.

I feel like I should call Matt. But since he is working at Future Shop and I have no idea of his hours, I'm going to put it off. I think I should be in contact with him at least once a week though.

I have a ski-do in the back of my van now. A 1962 old-skool yellow ski-do. Charles paid $100 for it. It matches The Shag-Wagon nicely. I got paid $10 in exchange for letting him store it there.

I've been reading crack fics today ^^;

Oh I watched HIGHLANDER; ENDGAME last night! Ah....Peter Wingfield. I like that actor a lot. He is right up there on my list of celebrity crushes. Along with Gackt and that singer from Fall Out Boy. I like Adrian Paul as well. But only as a actor. I remember reading/hearing that he was in the running for being the next James Bond. Sadly he didn't get chosen. I still think he would have made a perfect Bond!

I like Duncan better than Colin. Duncan doesn't have that crazy/slightly-masochistic streak to him. Though he has done crazy things (i.e. with Kate).

I bought "X-Kai-" and "Return To Labyrinth" on Saturday! Kaito is so hot XDDDDD I will hopefully be getting Vol.2 on my next trip or so. I'm not really likeing what they did with RTL >_< Poor Jareth made into a obsesive and insane character that jumps out a window. But I like the whole him and Mopet thing. He doesn't have his signature big hair, and tight-tight pants o_O;

G'Night everyone. 'Specially to Armadei and Timber-man-chan. Oh and good luck GSuprise ^^

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