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*le sigh*

Ok just got back from Matt's! Ah it was alright ^^; I still don't like Paul's atitude towards things though. But I won't get into that ^_^

I'm kinda bummed about not beating MGS3 while there ;-;

I am even more bummed about not swimming much.

And I am super bummed about the whole thing, since 1. It was my last time going there, and 2. Because it is all so crummy anyway.

Anyway I'm at The Sorrow in MGS3, and don't have much more game to get though. I must mention that I got though the whole escaping from jail/sewer bit with my Cig Sprays ^__^ Because I am just that awesome. Now I need to catch my tsuchinoko AGAIN >_< so I can be all INFINITY FACEPAINT :D

Red vs. Blue is FUNNY AS HELL XD I soooooo have to download some.

Well I won't get into it, but I didn't do what I had planned to do while out there. I have decided I don't care if I am being slightly selfish I'll take what comes when it comes.

Matt said that he would try to take me to the exibition on Monday. I highly doubt this, but; Matt if you read this, and still want to call me. I just checked in the book they gave us, and everything but the Art Barn will be open the first day this year. So yeah if you want I would love to go with you, but only if you could make it/want to. But if you do, then I'll lend you Wendy's pass since she isn't going till Tuesday. Also stop by June's sometime, so we can chill for the last time yo.

Ah I'm tired and feel really crumming/groggy, so I'm going to head out and go back home and watch a movie I think. Probbally "Ordinary People" or some other type of movie.

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