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Well I think I am sneezing Horribley due to the shampoo I had to use since they were out of my fav' stuff. I have since given said crappy stuff to my mom, and bought a bottle of my second fav' shampoo stuff.

FINALLY got the salad dressing/celery small off my hands from cooking food!

Ok Matthew is moving in like;

Maybe I am a horrible wank for making that Ticker ^^;

I am not as upset about him leaving as I am with not being able to see him before he does go. I was told ether I could go out thurs night, or tonight, well I opted for tonight, but APPARENTLY they changed their plans and didn't bother to call me/forgot to. So luckily I called Marsha at noon, since I had already packed and shiz to go out to their house. I guess I rushed to finish buring Matt's disks for no reason. Now I have to wait till late this week/early next week for her to call so I can see Matt for the very last time. I doubt I will get out since Paul is coming home, and they go visting a shiz load so they won't be home, and I dont really think he would want 'a girl' spending the night while he is home anyway >_< I sometimes hate my gender...Also I wish Matt would atleast stop in and get said disks, and stuff I have for him. And for me to do something crappy...


ANYWAY ENOUGH ANGSTING! I need to look on a slightly better side.

This move is way better for him in terms of future shiz. Whole new life ahead of him. Also I have Airmiles...I should see how many I have ^^;

My mom ordered me two 512mb; PC 2700 333mhz DDR SDRAM


Also a 250GB external hardrive ^_^

And a optical mouse.

I hope it comes before Matt leaves, so he could possibally put the RAM in but I highly doubt it ether way.

Now I must be going, Wendy bought me a C-O-F-F-E-E from Tim Horton's and I have been wanting one for awhile ^_______________^



A FRICKN' huge HD will be very good, then I can put Colonel Volgen's stuff on it, and download all avalible DETECTIVE CONEN, instead of just downloading it bit by bit, and seeing how much I can squeeze onto him before I fill him up. I FUCKING LOVE THAT ANIME! Even the dubb Case Closed is hella good! Infact I prefer some of the voice actors, like the one for Ran, since in the original she has a high pitched voice T_T

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