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This result makes me think of rabid fangirls....

What Kind of JPOP Fan Are You?

You are a JPOP Gourmand!You dig the chart-toppers. You devour the anime theme songs (all 91 Gundam albums are sparkling on your CD shelf) and the ones found on your Asian friends Best of J-POP" album. Ayumi Hamasaki is SOOO pretty! TM Revolution is SOOO pretty! Morning Musume! WOO-HOO! 15 hot chicks all singing at once! Have I died??? Shena Ringo and the Polysics are a bit too on the fringe for your taste (and have next to no songs in English) Youll take it all as long as you can dance to it. (and hey, dig those Powerpuff girls!) Bask in the sugary milk chocolate bliss of the idol singers and boy bands. They work just as hard as those Backstreet Sync Degrees. Speaking of which, hey Timberlake has a new album! C U Laterz! ^^
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I got the above result via the "I have a Fav LAEC song?"...My fav is Lost Heaven, and Lover Boy, not 'Dive To Blue' or 'Spirtes Within'....

What Kind of JPOP Fan Are You?

You are a JPOP Gourmet!You have seen the long and the short of it. As a result, you prefer the dark chocolate, semisweet bitterness of the more obscure J-pop bands. You have bounced at the Shonen Knife concerts, swooned over Siam Shade and the BZ. You have memorized the Sailor Moon theme and have discovered with wide-eyed joy, the beauty of Cocco. You have matured from Judy and Mary to Shena Ringo and you pray for the day Number Girl gets to play in your town. Language barrier does not faze you. Youve probably done the homework and hey, so what if you cant understand every word? These guys kick ass!
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When you think of Gackt, you think of:

-A sultry gorgeous feast for the eyes and irresistibly romantic singer
-A sultry gorgeous feast for the eyes
-Borscht hitting the floor

Ah Gackt-o...

All those answers can be 'a feast for the eyes' since Gackt covered in borsct might be rather entertaining...

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