Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

delayed post

WELL I was going to wait until I went to New Minas before I made a post, but I sleep too late Saturday to make the bus, so I am going tomorrow.

Anyway, Friday (or Thursday) was Starch 3rd, in KOL :D I managed to acquire the special drunken stupor But I only managed to get the 3 colors of beads, and a portable corkscrew (which btw I have extras of all but blue beads, and anyone who wants free stuff can have, that is if you play KOL, which like no one on my flist does 'cept Alchemy Hisoka), I didn't get the new special iten that was available...ah oh well I was lucky to get 27 drunkenness ^_^ someone on the chats was offering 'care packages' 10 green beers, plastic bottle opener, and 10 scrolls of drastic healing. I had to spend a shiz load on Yummy Tummy Beans to get over 25 drunkenness...

Anyway I think for schools dress-up sprite day they have near the start of school I shall make a have-assed KOL outfit XD Buy a package of envelopes and make junk-mail pants :D I really want to make a walrus tusk earring out of foam, ah I haven't make stuff with foam in awhile. Clip-on style of course since I have not-pierced ears.

Right atm I am flipping my prom photos back to there original placement, so my camera will read them. Because besides from my paying off Twilight Princess tomaro, I am going to try and get my prom photos done off. Also I NEED a bunch of blanks disks... T_T I soooo need a DVD player, so I can stop wasting so many blank CDs....

In other news I sooo want to go swimming, and vist Matt before he leaves. D-Day as it were happens in less that 3 weeks....

I have decided to save $80 a month up leaving me with around $700 by next June, which as it were is a lot if I combine it with B'day and Christmas. Also I am STILL wanting a job, and HOPEFULLY I can get on after school starts, even it it is just on the weekends. And if June 21th (my b'day XD) falls on a marking day, or the Grad 7-11 closing, I am soooo gonna try to get to PortCon, and if it doesn't, I am going to buy a laptop. So win-win ether way.

June has told me that they are going to get me a cheap cell phone in the fall :) I want it pink/light purple in color :3

Anyway I g2g soon to get-up in time for travelings.


T3h Shei

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