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Ok E!Talk Daily just had a story where they interviewed the actors in "Snakes On A Plane", or "Snakes On A MotharFuckin' Plane" as I have come to know it as.


I logged into KOL and decovered I have the effect of Jabañero Saucesphere...omgwtfbbq...I am wondering how I achieved this?

EDIT--I found out that it is caused by haveing it cast on you by anouther I'm wondering who cast it on me...

Oh and I spilled milk onto my MP3 player ;-; it was working wonky for awhile after I dried it off/damp wiped it, but now my comp is reconizing it again, so hopefully it will be ok. I copied off my files onto Colonel Volgin though just to be safe, incase I need to get a new one.

And I had a dream where my comp got one of those bagel viruses, only it worked a lot differently/wonkier. I tried running AVG (a hella sweet anti-program btw, which I want a full version of), and halfway though the scan it swiched into a ad for Bush porn or something like that. And my mom kept asking me to look up something for her, and I said "I can't mom my comp is full of spyware and porn", and she yelled at me and was going on about ofcourse it was full of porn, because I am such a slut...anyway I turned it off and went to log into my other WinXP account, and acceidently clicked my 'Saochi' account, so I went back to the account selection, and AVG came up and told me that I had a bagle infection and to run a heal thing, so I started to, and it failed and a message from AVG popped-up and said something like "Hoy, that's too bad." I don;t know how it turned out because I woke up.

Have I mentioned the stiffling heat? I've had to wear boxer-shorts and a thin shirt to bed, instead of my nightdress.

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