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-an interesting title is this-

"The only adventurer where a station is you"

Well I am back ^_^ Yeah like that is a huge deal :P

Anyway my trip to Halifax wasn't all that bad. I do still have ashma, but Dr.Bowie thinks that the reason I was having all though breathing problems this past winter was because he figured I had a combo of hooping cough and possible pneumonia. He wishes Dr.Yafai had sent me for chest x-rays and more tests, but he says it is good I'm doing so well now :)

I bought a handbag, it is green and has mice on it, and in the center it has a fluffy tan cat with a mouse in it's mouth along with the caption "Got mice?" in a speak balloon. Also I bought a magnetic bracelet because it was so hella cheep, and my mom bought me this frickn' sweet ring! It is sterling silver with a red stone and this heart things on the sides...I have to take a piccy.

And I shalnt go on more about that day since it is kinda a blur...I did read a copy of "The New Yorker". Shiz there was a comic in it oh so hilarious; it showed a couple at a funeral, standing looking at a open casket, and the man says something like; "We sure did waste money on that 'get well soon' card."

Ok I found it hilarious...also there was one where a teacher is at her desk, and there is this like little kid doodle walking in and the teacher says something like; "Why hello Mrs.Burcham, I'd know you anywheres from the portrait little Johnny drew"

I like the cover of that issue to...anyway I would much rather read Flare or SJ.

It has been fucking hot here! I have been sweating sooooooo bad.

Last night I couldn't sleep due to having a swore throat and not being able to swallow. It felt like something was stuck there. So I watched 'Rodan'!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed that movie >^___^<

I also watched part of 'Gangs of New York', but it made me too angry, so I went and made tea. The Irish had sooooooooooooooooooox16 chances to shot/kill that Cutter guy, instead they let him keep offing their sherif and ppl. So in conclusion I dislike that movie.

I have been watching a lot of movies latley; 'Big', 'Switching Channels', 'One Fine Day', 'Patch Adams', most of 'Sleepless in Seatal', 'Pleasentville', I plan on watching more when I get a chance.

I NEED more DVD movies instead of VHS!!!!!! Like all my movies 'cept like 6 are VHS...

Oh and my "alergic reaction' has come back. For those who do not know, last week or so after I got back from Marsha's I broke out in this HORRBLE rash like all over my body. It isn't as bad as it was, but I made sure I went and got something for it from Dr.Yoell and OutPatients. Dr.Yafai thinks it defenatly was a food alergy, no idea what to though. I am gonna guess that cheep orange pop I bought to drink while at Matt's...that and/or Germans. Not eating them...being around them. I had a convo with Wend about that very suject, what if I was alergic to Germans?
"Oh sorry I can't go to that UN sumit."
"Why not?"
"Well there is going to be Germens thar."
"I can't be around Germens!"
"Oh that is so fucking racist."
"No it's not that I am severly alergic to them!"

Ah anyway I have been lisening to Radio KOL :D Pretty good actually :) Maybe I'll audition next time they open up XDDDD

Anyway I want to see if Haplo plays a request I made, and then I am so outta here XD Due to the fact I really need something cold to eat/drink.

Why don't they have sandwich flavored icecream? Sandwich Icecream <--> Icecream Sandwich

I have been eating a whole shiz load of icecream sandwiches, oh how I love you little tasty food items.

btw Gackt = awesome


Oh and on the same note as my joke about trying out for a KOL DJ, I actually had a dream I was one XD "Ramblings With Shei" a call-in show o_O;

EDIT-- I sent a aircheck in for their current hiring-round...

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