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Ok I had my first "accident" last night with my was dark and I had parked, but then June came out and told me to turn and park the other direction. So I did, but I misjudged my clearance, and almost hit Junes hanging bird-feeder (I have been parking my van under the chestnut tree on our front lawn)...I instead hit a hanging down branch with the roof of my van and broke it off.

So yeah I broke a limb off the tree, I'll post a pic of it next time I get a chance.

And I have to go see Doctor Bowie tomorrow...Denis Bowie, not David...sadly XD

Lung Doctor! I have to get up early to catch "The Shuttle" (a van that travels on freewill donations from Middleton to Halifax for medical appointments). I just hope it isn't FREEZING like it usually is.

Here is a present;

It is Out Of My Head -by- Mobile, a Canadian (I think) band.


He really needs them, since he isn't doing well at all in Summer School...I just wish I could help, but I have forgotten all the Maths I learned last year...

I have been listening to Mizerable by Gackt a lot lately. Oh Gackt why are you getting old...

Oh and this weekend, if I don't go out to Marsha's I think I might take a trip to New Minas! Pay off Twilight Princess, and maybe even buy KH or SO3...or DMC (:3 Dante!)

Anyway I g2g, need to bath and shiz and get packed for tomaro's day trip!


Eh! I forgot to mention I am half-learning sign language! XD I can say Mayo Sandwich, and various other things like mother, father, couple, baby, you, clumsy, tumble, slip, jump. dance, me, I, grandfather, lady, dye, refrigerator, drapes, woman, man, kid, and a few others.

I plan on scanning the finger-spelling alphabet.

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