Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Back, and Happy Canada Day!

*W00t* Finnally back from the hectic week that is Grad/Prom-ness. I guess I feel how people feel when the've been to a con'. I have a bunch of pics to post and shiz, I should actually work out my Yahoo album thing...

Anyway it was fun!

I forgot what I was goning to say here though...

I'm fixing-up the cam'age I took of the short movies that were made between 3:00-4:40am on Friday.

They were;

"The Door",
"Sneaker Racket" (That's what I'm calling it),
"Love Only Costs One-Fitty"

I think I might post them up on YouTube or somting after I finish fixing the sound (for some reason the sound is faster than the video in some parts and not in others...).

Anyway I g2g head out to go see the town's fire works!

I should actually video that too.

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