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-insert interesting title here-

Well I just finished my "Inclash Xham" (as someone had wrote on the white board of the classroom). The first part was surprisingly easy (^^;), the second was super long and sooooooo much writing. I did use most of the words need telling how to pouch a egg in the microwave :D

Ah anyway....


So yeah I'm not expecting any gifts (except from you Sarah-Sarah).

Ah cheesecake (or cheesepie, but in this case it is more of a cake)! I still have half of it left over, so I can eat the left overs of my b'day cake tomaro!

And in KoL I am working towards getting the '8-Bit Finery' outfit.
So far I have;
10 black pixels,
7 green pixels,
5 red pixels,
1 blue pixel,
6 white pixels
give or take a few pixels here and there

But I must be leaving for home now ^_^

Oh and I forgot to mention that I took a break halfway though the second part of the exam to draw stick figures, and chibis of Sheik XDD because I learneded from the dictionary that "sheik" can be used as slang for a man that is irresistible to woman X3

Anyway my mom is a total bitch as of late (I don't use such strong language very often). *Gah* I won't even go into all that she has being saying to me lately...but I'll be glad when I don't have to deal with it constantly. I was planning on it being over this summer, but my plans were changed by others.

The latest thing she is on is how she is never going to buy me another video game ever. Fine by me, I never ask her to anyway. I did ask her to get me KH for $17 CAD -_-; for my b'day but I've dropped that.

Anyway I bough MGS3 Substance with half of my b'day money. I spent the other half paying more on Twilight Princess. I owe $9.74 CAD on it before it is paid off :D

I was keeping MGS3 horded so she wouldn't complain about the M rating, but she was all "You never let me see anything" and shiz, so I let her see...she started going on like she had bought it and I had wasted her money and shiz. Ah oh well it's mine and it's in my room, and I bought it with my money (not a bit of it her's!), and it's not even in her house.

I caught a magpie in it! XDD

Anyway I'm trying to find a up-do type hair style for the prom >_< I even asked Matt to help me but apparently he ether doesn't care or forgot.

I have till noon tomorrow! Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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