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sub problems and Porktober


I forgot to say that yesterday was Porktober 8th in KoL XD HALLOWEEN!!!!! I only have 3 outfits so that is what I went in. Dypepsi, Cloaca-Cola, and Bugbear outfits.

Anyway next year for school I am taking;

Semester 1
Mult 12,
Film 12,
Physics 11
English 12 (if I get less then a 10%/100% on my English proventual exam)

Semester 2
Mult 12,
Film 12,
Law 12,
Hist 12,
GGS 12

Mult is a multimedia course, film is a film course, Physics is well duh, and Hist is Anchiet History, and GGS is a geograpy/geology course :D

Oh and here is a new character of mine called Zinnian. I got the idea for him after just_picture_me and I were chating over AIM.

I'll post more of a intro to him later.

Also for my b'day I have be promised a session of rp :D oh shiz it has been like over a year since I've rped...I'll be so terrible at it...

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