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[icon] Last day of school-school (not including exam) 5 more days until my… - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Time:10:42 am
Current Mood:lonelylost
Last day of school-school (not including exam)

5 more days until my b'day.

Oh and I forgot Killua's b'day ;-; I should write somting X3


Ok now for a more better entry.

I finished my 'Bitch'n Meat Car' :D 'South of The Border' is full of wonky stuff XD

I wish I knew what all I have to do to ascend ^^; (I don't want to for a shiz long while though, but I want 'lil Canadia'!)

I'm doing various things...trying 'Knob Harim' and 'Boss Bat' but of of course me only having 14HP isn't the best thing...I think I'll try the 'Hidden Temple' more ^^ Tomorrow... Since I am too drunk XDDD

I did a shiz load in KOL today! Since today was "Exemption Day" at school, we don't really have actual classes.

We did have our "Bistro" Day in FR-CO 12! "Bistro Bifteck", was ours. It is based off a little skit Chad, me, and Daniel preformed for said imuble unit.

I was Shia Norton, one of the Security Officers :D Officers are better than Guards :P We get to carry guns and shiz! I had pink hair for it :D

I kept getting pared with Chad for most everything in FR-CO, which was cool because I admire him XD

Anyway Our group served "smoothies" (grape/pineapple drink, with mashed strawberries mixed in), which were of a icky texture, but still yummy...I gave mine away though X3 We also had this fried ground-beef/potato mixture thing Nevile made. I didn't care too much for it, but everyone else liked it a lot. We also had canalop! ZOMG! I had to borrow a HUGE fruit knife from the cafeteria because I forgot a whole shiz load of stuff. It was fun though. I had to take it back, and down the hall I go holding the thing like I was wielding it...right past a bunch of people, including the Japanese exchange students. I got some funny looks. Then I had to drag the bio-lab stools back, that we were using as bar stools. Ever try going down two flights of stairs (crowded stairs) with stools? Ah I was scared of tripping and getting impaled...yet I wasn't while carrying the knife :P

I had brought in my coffee perk, but our group had the misfortune of being not near a power-outlet so not black coffee for us (I also forgot to bring sugar/milk, and spoons!), also I had to buy a bunch of plastic spoons from the cafeteria (8 actually).

I did take pics, but they aren't too interesting -_-;

Oh and I won the RSLounge lottery drawing for this week! :D I asked for people to collect 'bones' so I can raise my prayer! *clap*

Tim Horton's coffee and Jello pudding tastes funny together XDDD

I got exempted from all but Engrish 12 and ChildStudies...I have to write ENG12 on the 20th, and....CS on *dun dun dun* the 21th ;-; IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! *flails* A exam on my b'day is super shiz.


It sucks since I can't spend it with any of my friends ;-; I asked Matt and he kinda blew me off...and Trev is all the waaaaay in Port Albernie *sigh* I'm lonely. Internet friends are great and all but I don't have many irl friends.

And that is one of the reasons my b'day is a love hate thing for me. I like presents, and having a special day (as well as it being on a solstice!), but I'm not really a people person....I need a M4tty hug.

Monday, I'm going to buy STAR OCEAN; TILL THE END OF TIME, or METAL GEAR SOLID 3; SNAKE EATER or KINGDOM HEARTS...I had asked for KH for my b'day from my mom, along with those sweet track pants, but the pair I got were too small, and mom's got to fix her car before she can order a larger pair (the regular sizes were on sale, the 1x size isn't). And Sears had KH out of stock ^^;

Next week after b'day money I am sooo buying another HxH GBC game! :D I already own "Hunter no Keifu"! I can only get to the second 'cooking' exam though....Ii can't read kanji and shiz :(
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Time:2006-06-19 06:43 pm (UTC)
Yay for last day of school!

And there's still time before Killua's birthday; need to start writing fic . . .

'South of the Border' is, indeed, wonky. Though I don't adventure there very often 'cause I usually end up getting more weirdly-flavoured gum than anything else.

To ascend, you need to complete all of the Council tasks. The final task that leads to ascention is the 'Lair of the Naughty Sorceress', which you probably won't get until you're level 13 or so. The only things I have left to do for ascention are finish leveling up all my familiars and actually defeating the Sorceress. [I'm currently a level-16 pastamancer with 11 familiars that are still under 20 pounds, but that was mostly my fault for using the mosquito for so long.]

Hint: Walrus-tusk earrings increase max HP by 10; I always keep one equipped.

You have some of the HxH games? I saw one at PortCon last year, but didn't buy it; don't remember what it was called . . .
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Time:2006-09-17 11:12 pm (UTC)

I'll scan the other's manual if you would like ^_^

Thank-you :)

I have a support cumberbun atm ^_~

Yep but due to my lack at Japanese, I can only get to the 2nd Hunter test in the first one, and only to this place with bandits in the other one (wish I knew how to save in ither...(not ether, ither)

I like how you get your own sorta ether male or female character ine keifu :)
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[icon] Last day of school-school (not including exam) 5 more days until my… - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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View:Website (Lady_Noremon @ Twitter).