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Ok so I started my flower/parsnip garden. Usually all I plant are parsnips (yum!). This year I wanted sunflowers too :D I didn't originally like sunflowers, but my Uncle Clarence and I used to plant them when I was little (before he died). Now I like them because they remind me of him. Also the character Sara(h) from Gallery Fake burned her arm trying to save a sunflower painting from a fire ^^;

People gave me seeds/plants, and now it is pretty full. I want a scarecrow though!!!

Not much has sprouted yet, and the only flower-flowers visible are the ones I planted from those pots you can get at nurseries.

So far I have:
Giant Grey Stripe Sunflowers,
The Relay for Life Surprise Mix,
Music Box Mix Petite Sunflowers,
Gypsophila Baby's Breath,
Tempo-Pink Frost Impatiens,
New Look Celosia,
Sparkler White Tip Radishes,

The names in italics are the 'fancy' names of them, and the ones in bold are the common names. I tried to list them in the order planted.

And now pictures XD (They are sorta brighter than usual, because it was overcast and I upped the exposure..)!

Teh garden XDD

The Celosia, in the 'Triforce-esk' placement, there are poppies planted in-between them X3 I hope they sprout/grow

My sorry-looking Snapdragons ;-; They looked good when I first planted them in a window-box, but they started dieing because of all the rain we have been having and the potting soil was holding the moisture so they couldn't dry out and were decaying, so I put them into my garden, fertilized them, and they perked-up a whole since it is pouring again I fear they are done for.

The Impatiens. Before I planted them, I had them by the house, it rained and the flowers fell off...they were a very pretty pink, that reminded me of cherry blossoms (which btw after Wendy gets here film developed I'll scan some picture of our cherry tree in bloom :D )

My droopy Baby's Breath...they looked sooo good before I transplanted them from their pot (I started them from seed) they have developed this flattened placement (though they appear to be healthy)...

Sunflower sprout!!! :D I feel like Link in OOA and The Minish Cap XDDD Grow my pretty!

Another look at my little garden :)

Anyway it is raining in buckets yet again ;-; so hopefully my seed won't rot int he ground :( I can't wait for the 'Music Bow Mix' to grow, the photo on the packet is pretty. I planted the parsnips like exactly to directions. I soaked them overnight to shorten growing time, put down fertilizer the day before planting (plus lots of water), I mixed a layer of soil in with the regular soil to hold moisture more, and then I planted them in little evenly spaced rows at the required depth, along with Radishes (even though I don't really like to eat radishes). They are supposed to protect the parsnip seedlings (it said so on the packet!)...

And yes I have a lot of stakes marking what is planted where XD

Now I'm going to go find out the directions for making a scarecrow, via the RuneScape way X3
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