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Holy shiz :O

There was a glitch on World 111 in RuneScape2 that allowed people to attack others OUTSIDE the Wilderness!!!! Holy shiz good thing I didn't play yesterday! I think that was the world I had loaded-up (ether that or World 115)...

People abused the glitch and were killing for rares and shiz, and like noone lisened to the Mods, and Jagex Mods, and then were all "give me my stuff back when they were killed". And I wanted to become a game Mod someday *sigh*

Now the people who pked for the rares are being banned (which is a good thing), but this means the rares are getting taken out of the game aswell (not a good thing), so the prices are going to go up, so there goes my hopes of EVER getting a yellow phat, ah oh well ^^;

And I do relizes like noone on my friends list plays RS XD

vidoe of the pkage:

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