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Last evening/night I was soooo wired, and in such a good mood! :D

I rode my bike to town (I hate riding my bike from town to my house, -_- uphill all the way!), to buy a cheeseburger and onion rings. I was gone for 37mins (including my eat time) >^0^<

When I got back I hooked my GameCube up for the first time since like February o_o; I was originally going to play some MCGrooves, and then play OOT...but after playing one song with the controller, I was like "Oh hell no! I'm soooooo gonna move into the living room, and set up the dance pad!" So that is what I did. I played for like 2 hours, part of it in the Dance Workout mode. I burnt at least 350 calories! *lmao*

Then I walked to my mom's to check mah e-mail, and if El Hisoka had returned. Also there is a pair of pants I want from Sears (my mom has a Sears rewards card thing, so I get her to order whatever I want from them). Killua track pants ^_^ Ah I am very odd....

Then I came back and had a shower. It was very weird feeling since I haven't had a shower in like 3-4 years ^^ I prefer baths. I wanted to get rid of the fry grease smell and the sweat from MCGrooves and biking. I hade to make "belgium fries" for my FR-CO 12 country project/presentation. I did the whole project on the weekend ^^ since the due date was sprung on me (due yesterday). Well I had been sick/away from school for over a week...

Anyway after that I listened to The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck sound track, till like 12:00am, and played with/fixed my hair. ZOMG my hair is soooooo soft after using my new shampoo and conditioner! I don't think I'll get another bottle of the 'strawberries and cream' conditioner after I use this one up, but I shall definably be getting another bottle of the coconut oil shampoo. After using it I smell soooo good, I crave coconut desserts.

I tried to go to sleep after that, but after like 20mins of being wide awake, I decided to play MCGrooves with the controller. Well after playing it on Expert, except for "Walking On Sunshine" (OMG the Easy mode for that song is hard!), I decided to look at the music credits in the manual. I had been getting a bunch of new songs, and I wanted to see how many songs there were in all. Well I find that I have unlocked all but "Best Of My Love". So I play a bit more to see if I unlock it doing Expert songs. Well just as I was getting ready to shut it down for the night, I see..."Best Of My Love" is now available! So I was like "Yay! Yayayaya! I shall christen this by playing it in Expert." Shiz that song is easy! I plan on hooking-up the dance pad and boogieing after school.

My favorite song in MCGrooves is probably "Sweet, Sweet Love".

So my whole evening yesterday was spent blurting out "Kukuruu Mountain" lyrics and various other upbeat shiz I don't really know the lyrics to.

I did have a StrongBad grammer song stuck in my head, until just after school when I got "Tomodachi de kara" in there...but I guess it's better than "if you want to be possessive, then it's just i-t-s, but if it's supposed to be a contraction its i-t-apostrophe-s! You scallywag!"

And now I shall work more on my PortCon2007 or bust spreadsheet!

I want to go soooooo bad, just entertaining the notion have made me super giddy!

I have revised my whole "go round trip to Portland via ferry" plan. I think I'll go from Yarmouth to Bar Harbor via ferry, and then from Bar Harbor to Portland via GreyHound (or other cheep bus system). I'm only saying this since The Cat only goes to/from Portland on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. As much as I adore New England, I don't want to be stuck there for a whole week. I had though of going straight to Portland via ferry, but it arrives at around 4:30 my time (2:30 EST), and also on a Friday. So this would cut into convention time. So Thus I think I'll go via the Yarmouth<-->Bar Harbor<-->Portland route.

That is if I can go ^^ (it determines about sko0lz, and jobness.

Speaking of job opportunities. I saw in the local classifieds, a cashier job at "Leather and Lace" what I assuming is a kinky sex shop. I have drove past it before and it's big sign leads me to believe that it may just be. I don't think I want my first official job to be there XD I was going to apply for a 'kitchen helper' job, but the application deadline was already over by the time I saw the ad ;-; I would have loved to apply and get that job.

And that strange person that I am I have been going "Hai!" instead of "Yes."

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