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.:Delayed Top Tens Post:. ---ANIME

May 24th, 2006 / 18:37

Ok awhile ago I said I would post Megaupload links of the first episode, or the first/3 chapters of the animes/mangas I picked as my top 10s for 2005-2006, after I made posts about why I liked them...I don't have time to do that, so here we go with the links!

This is the ANIME post!
Click the pictures to download!

Hunter x HunterHunter x Hunter 01 Gallery FakeGallery Fake 01
FullMetal AlchemistFullMetal Alchemist 01 LovelessLoveless 01
Pita-TenPita-Ten 01 SukisyoSukisyo 01
Meine LiebeMeine Liebe 01 KamiKazi Kaitou JeanneKamiKazi Kaitou Jeanne 01
DN AngelDN Angel 01

Note I do not have Witch Hunter Robin files ;-;

Here is a link to the post

FINALLY! done *sigh*

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