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Fic drabbel for Alchemy Hisoka

Ok alchemy_hisoka requested a GonxKillua fic involving honey! I'm sorry if this doesn't involve real honey ^^;

So anyway here I go ^^;

Pairing: GonxKillua
Warnings?: Non, just some VERY mild Shonen-ai

Today was the day to see how much the two boys had improved. Gon stepped up to the glass and placed both hands near the sides. Killua watched intently as Gon breathed in and out deeply. Killua sighed, ah he mustn't think like that now.

Now it was Killua's turn. Actually he was somewhat nervous, but not worried at all. When he was finished Gon and Zushi tasted it.

"It's sweet-su! The water tastes really sweet-su!"

"Yeah, it tastes almost like honey!" Gon agreed.

Killua didn't taste any, he figured he would wait and try to make extra sweet stuff later, and if it was really good, it might save him some cash...though of course nothing could be better than Choco-ball-kun ne?

Out in the hall on the way back to their rooms Gon exclaimed.

"Hee, it's still sticky!" And went to put his finger in his mouth to try and remove the sweet water's residue. But before he could Killua snapped his hand out and grabbed Gon's wrist and placed Gon's finger into his own mouth.

Gon's chest was pounding, and he felt a odd feeling in his stomach...he was in shock. Was Killua really sucking on his finger and if he was, why? Gon blushed, was Killua feeling the same way? It wasn't that bad of feeling just new and strange.

Killua's chest was pounding too, but out of fear. Very few things could scare Killua...losing Gon's friendship was one of them. Why had he grabbed Gon's arm? All he thought of was tasting something sweet he had made--'Hey wait! It really does taste almost like honey! Huh but it has another taste too...something sort-of wild--' Killua blushed when he realized that the wild taste wasn't from the water it was from Gon. He quickly released his grip on Gon and lowered his gaze embarrassed.

"err...I guess it...the water really did taste like honey..." Killua mumbled trying to avert away from what had just happened. The taste was still lingering in his mouth though, making him feel very warm, and odd to his stomach.

"Hey you taste sweet too?" Gon muttered as he leaned up abit moving closer to Killua

"..." Killua opened his mouth to try and answer but couldn't as Gon had just kissed him on the cheek.


There I hope you like it, I kinda winged it ^^;
Tags: fic, meme

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