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*cough* *dress* *cough*

Well this cough I've had (it is right bad and when it gets going it shakes my whole body, and if I cough too long it hurts...)
On Friday it got right bad. Too the point I felt like I wasn't getting any air, and felt horrible...

Right now while sitting at my comp when I cough, it shakes the desk (it is wobbly), thus hitting against the metal cd rack and making a echoing ping noise...everytime I cough...

I have ashma, but this cough is differt >_< I'm waiting to go see Dr. Bowie in Halifax...


I guess none of you besides Mattypookins know the story behind why I no longer have that LOVELEY purple prom dress...

[rant] (note: rant is from like the 14 of May)

I had picked-out/paid for a AWESOME prom dress :D Me and my mom were waiting for the alterations to be finished on it, we had made 2 trips to Waterville (like a hour's drive from my house), one to pick it out, the other to see it it was doen (she had said a week or so till it would be ready) she hadn't even started fixing it ;-; so we regave her our contact info and drove back home. 2 weeks later she calls so me and my mom drive back up to try it on again and take it home....THE BACK/SLEEVES WERE SOOOO TIGHT I COULDN'T MOVE MY ARMS ABOVE MY CHEST!!! She tells us she can't fix it, and that ofcourse I wouldn't be moving my arms all that much on prom night (wtf?! I'd be doing lots of things with my arms...)! Then when I was almost to the point of telling mom "let's forget this dress and go look someplace else..." that hag had the nerve to lean over my shoulder and whisper to me "Well you could stand to lose a little weight dear." *GRRRRRRRRRRR* I hate that woman, and I've told my mom that we should make her refund us, and if she doesn't report her to the Better Business Bureau!


Anyway prom dress ver.2 is a lovely navy color it's satiny (but not super smooth/ shiney)it really reflects the light though. I had originally wanted a navy/dark blue dress when I first started looking so I am super pleased! I'm going to accesoize with white and light blue :D

I bought from Claire's to go with it;
a fake pearl necklace,
a awesome twisted "silver" ring (I was originally just going to have the ring for me becaus eit was cool, then noticed it would look nice with the color so I'll save it till then),
5 fake pearl braclettes (bought them thinking it was one ah grouped togeter braclette, like you know with more then one string),
2 white gauzey/metal flower hair things with rinestone centers ^_^

All I need now are shoes/sandles, and a black/navy slip (for the dress :P ) and maybe a hand bag...I had wanted a fluffy purse with eyes and teeth from Cherry Mix, but the chick never messaged me back, besides I'm broke now ^^;

Charles gave me $200 CAD for a dress, and I spent $175 CAD on it, and $29.87 on accesories....well I spent $10.87 of my own money on the accessories ^^;

Me, mom, and my Uncle Edward (big hair middle aged guy with a afro, and mustasch) drove to Winsor (like 1 and 1/2 hour drive) to look at the dress and bridel stores luck...the first store had a minimume price of $230 CAD per dress >_< the others had nother that I liked or that fit me :(

So we go to New Minas for luch, and then we are going to go to Wolfville. Well I happen to LOVE Wendy's fast food :D but on the way the sign for Dairy Queen had a lunch/meal special on so we are all "Hey let's go there instead!" so I eat my $5 CAD double cheese burger, drink, fries and hot fudge sunday, and my mom chatted with one of the workers. My mom comes back with directions to a dress shop located like the next house over :D Once Upon A Time; Bridal Boutique!

The lady was soooooo nice, and I picked out a dress...a almost PERFECT dress >^_____^< she took my measurements, and is going to order it on Tuesday! It should be in from Calito in two weeks!!!!!

I think I'll buy some white ribbon too to put around my waist to make a bow :D *oh hells yes!* and if I get a white handbag I'll get navy ribbion and make a little bow for it ^_^

In other news, I bought some lovely coconut oil shampoo and strawberry conditioner...combined I smell like Midway o_O; (Midway is my only BPAL imp...)...

And I'm gonna go now...and I have tomaro off :D *Queen Victoria Day*!

EDIT--SOOOO MANY SPELLING MISTAKES >_< I'm not gonna bother fixing it...

EDIT--Here is the dress model I'm getting, only with a rounded neckline, and in all over satin and in 'navy'

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